About the Maat Group


The Maat Group was formed in 2009 with the vision of creating individual investment syndicates to purchase commercial property, whereby investors could have direct control of their investment in a regulated and transparent environment. To achieve this goal, the Directors have combined their vast business and personal experience for the benefit of investors and followed their fundamental principles of purchasing quality properties with quality tenants and providing satisfactory return for investors.


Maat takes its name from the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance, and the company is developed on the basis of these principles. Maat is based in Albany, North Shore, Auckland, from where we manage a large portfolio of commercial properties within New Zealand.



What do we do?


The Maat Group offers commercial property syndication investment opportunities to investors via the publication of a Product Disclosure Statement.


The Directors have focused on maximising the return to investors, with each purchase opportunity thoroughly researched and analysed before being offered for syndication. Properties are purchased using a combination of investor equity and borrowings. Shares in the company formed to purchase the property are offered to investors (usually in $50,000 parcels) and investors may purchase one or more parcels. The Maat Group is responsible for the management of the property following acquisition, the preparation of financial statements, annual reporting and the payment of the dividend distributions monthly to investors. Investment reports are distributed to investors on a regular basis.

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The Maat Group also offers commercial property management and various insurance and financial planning services.